About Us

About Us

Jemix Engineering (S) Pte Ltd started works at Keppel Shipyard Ltd (Tuas) in year April 1986 on machinery works and is a resident contractor till 2020.

We are placed as one of the In-house sub-contractor to Keppel Tuas yard and Telok Blangah yard. Both yards we have daily averaged workforce 40 to 60 machinery fitters to do all kinds of works in Engine room, pump room including tank works. After the Telok Blangah yard was closed all-of Jemix's workers we relocated to Tuas yard till date. Scope of works includes over haul of sea valves, safety valves, and various kind of machinery works etc.  

We set-up another branch carrying out instrumentation section around 1988 to Sembawang shipyard for servicing and repairing also new installation of automation equipment and systems, electronic, pneumatic and hydraulic etc.   Since 2000 we have been encamped at the shipyards above carrying out repairs on machinery fitters. We have a strong core of supervisors; group leaders etc to oversee these groups of workers to complete all works carry out within the shipyards without any incidents on the safety issues.  

2015 currently we have about 30 machinery fitters/supervisors attached to Keppel shipyard at Tuas and Benoi to date daily. Our company safety records have attained Bizsafe Level 4.


Jemix Marine Tech Pte Ltd is a resident contractor at JSML & SML shipyard since 1999 providing mechanical services to the shipyards. Scope of works are repairs and service of valve etc. Currently we have about twenty mechanical fitters at the sites carrying various jobs.  Our Company safety records have attained BS OHSAS 18001:2007 in August 2013 and also have attained Bizsafe star.


Jemix Ship Repairer Pte Ltd is a registered contractor at Jurong Shipyard Pte Ltd since April 2000 where we started with a small group of certified welders. We have grown to a group of 40 certified welders.  

These welders are trained and graded by the Shipyard Training Centre and certified by American Bureau of Shipping with AWS 3G/4G thick plate of 25mm and the welding process is shield metal arc welding (SMAW) code of 3G/4G standard.  

Presently all these welders are working with Jurong Shipyard Pte Ltd under one of their subsidiary group of companies, namely Jurong Electrical And Automation on a long term contract for the following work scope on board the vessels.   

- Electrical termination work
- Electrical cable tray works on board the vessel
- Fabrication of minor steel work to include installation of motor, starter panel, control switchboard, junction boxes, etc.  

Our company safety records have attained BS OHSAS 18001:2007 in May 2014 and also have attained Bizsafe Star.